Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winter adventures...and the surprising lack of a Winter here

 Winter has been especially tame this year with the exception of the one day we decided to go snowshoeing in Park City. I'm not complaining, except for every time I go skiing, but with such a lousy amount of snow that has been fairly infrequent. Below are a few of the things we've been up to, I say few because we lost our small camera on Christmas Eve (somewhere at my parents house) and finally purchased a new one last weekend.  More pics to come! (Sorry Bryan that you had to read all of this, I know how much you hate reading.)

The day we went to Park City it was raining in the Salt Lake valley and we were fairly certain it would be crappy and rainy up there too. Little did we know it would be one of the bigger storms of the season with the rain freezing and creating some of the worst roads imaginable. We stopped under this bridge on our way up to Guardsman's Pass to avoid the sideways snow and warm up a bit.

The Crew. Ryan and Jo Anne A, Todd and Britt, Ryan's Little Sister and her Dude and Liz.
A little while later we went to a Jazz game with our nephews. Pretty sure its the only game they have won all season.

We had a superbowl party to break in my parents new couch. After over 25 years it was a bit sad saying goodbye to those memory filled seats. Oh and despite Aiden and Skyler's face paint (which was awesome by the way) our Patriots could not win. So we repainted their faces as Giant fans.

I loved the homemade shoulder pads.

Oh and we can't forget our Grammy's feast. We picked up a bunch of nitrate free cold cuts from Whole Foods and had a feast or breads, cheeses and the aforementioned cold cuts.

Did I mention that I have put on 20 pounds since returning from Guatemala? I can't imagine why.
We have really enjoyed reconnecting with friends and even playing German board games that involve world (or board) domination. I wonder where they come up with these things?

Ferron and a Yurtcation

First off, sorry for the delay in posts. Since we got back from Guatemala its been a bit of a whirlwind ride as we have both gone back to work full time, are looking to buy a house and preparing for a baby. Luckily we have been able to get away at times and spend time with friends and family and even get in  a few trips down south. These pics are of Ferron with our friends Steve and Megan and also of Canyonlands and a Yurt we stayed in near Monticello. 
A random desert spire near Ferron.

It was so nice to look around and not see anyone or anything, and there was no scent of burning trash, no evangelical church karaoke and no bus horns. Peace at last.

Megan and Ian

Steve and Ian


First night at our Yurt in near Monticello. Steak dinner with couscous and broccoli.  

Newspaper Rock near Canyonlands.

Enjoying my Caputo's sub at a pretty amazing picnic spot.

Ruby's first trip to southern Utah.

We finally purchased our new car and this was its first big road trip. Really missed the all wheel drive of our subaru when we got stuck in a few inches of snow, but aside from that we are very happy with it.

A quick tour of the Yurt. Bed.

Kitchen and Stove.

Dining room and Library.

Skylight and vent.
The door.

Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Babe

We are very excited to announce that we will be having a GIRL!!! Ruby will be born around May 5, 2012.  She is healthy, and, by her recent movements, happy too!

I love this picture of her because she was totally sucking her toes...already taking after her mother ;)
Ruby's lovely profile, looks like she's got her daddy's big, perfect head!

5th & 5th

 Our new home.
Our first breakfast in the new apartment, complete with wheat waffles, blueberries, whipped cream and o.j.!
Eating nook
It's the little details that count...

The Nephews

Time has been flying by, and in the mean time lots of fun has been had!  Here are a few updates of our adventures with Aiden, Skyler and Wesley, a.k.a. the best nephews ever!

The week we returned from Guatemala, Aiden our 10 yr. old nephew helped us give a presentation to three classes in the 4th & 5th grade.  He was a champ, sharing all of his souvenirs from the trip he took to visit us there.

Kyle saw an add for the "Yo-yo man" coming to town and was excited to share the same experience he had with this guy when he was the age of the boys.  We had a fun day seeing all of yo-yo man's tricks and we got outta there just before the frustration was too much to take for little Wesley!

Annual Thanksgiving soccer game.  I was on Wesley's team.  Thanks to Kyle, Wesley learned that my nickname is "crooked foot," due to my awesome aim,  and the whole time Wesley kept saying "c'mon crooked foot, get it" or "Awh crooked foot, that was your fault" or "Crooked foot, c'mon you have to score!"  So, the name stuck, good thing for his cute little giggle he makes after every time he says it.

Date day with Wesley.  After taking him to the magic show that Kiri arranged for us, we took him to the park for a pizza picnic and play time.

Feeding the ducks was fun, and we tricked the seagulls to go away while the cute ducks got the bread treats.  But, the best part of the day was when Uncle Kyle let Wesley drive through the park!!!

A fun filled night with pillow luge!  Here Aiden is leading the charge after Skyler politely declined by saying to Kyle "you don't REALLY expect me to do this do you?"