Saturday, March 31, 2012

Winter adventures...and the surprising lack of a Winter here

 Winter has been especially tame this year with the exception of the one day we decided to go snowshoeing in Park City. I'm not complaining, except for every time I go skiing, but with such a lousy amount of snow that has been fairly infrequent. Below are a few of the things we've been up to, I say few because we lost our small camera on Christmas Eve (somewhere at my parents house) and finally purchased a new one last weekend.  More pics to come! (Sorry Bryan that you had to read all of this, I know how much you hate reading.)

The day we went to Park City it was raining in the Salt Lake valley and we were fairly certain it would be crappy and rainy up there too. Little did we know it would be one of the bigger storms of the season with the rain freezing and creating some of the worst roads imaginable. We stopped under this bridge on our way up to Guardsman's Pass to avoid the sideways snow and warm up a bit.

The Crew. Ryan and Jo Anne A, Todd and Britt, Ryan's Little Sister and her Dude and Liz.
A little while later we went to a Jazz game with our nephews. Pretty sure its the only game they have won all season.

We had a superbowl party to break in my parents new couch. After over 25 years it was a bit sad saying goodbye to those memory filled seats. Oh and despite Aiden and Skyler's face paint (which was awesome by the way) our Patriots could not win. So we repainted their faces as Giant fans.

I loved the homemade shoulder pads.

Oh and we can't forget our Grammy's feast. We picked up a bunch of nitrate free cold cuts from Whole Foods and had a feast or breads, cheeses and the aforementioned cold cuts.

Did I mention that I have put on 20 pounds since returning from Guatemala? I can't imagine why.
We have really enjoyed reconnecting with friends and even playing German board games that involve world (or board) domination. I wonder where they come up with these things?

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Leilani Bascom said...

Ah, German board games. Kyle, you are hilarious.